ProstatWins Sports Handicapping System

• Over 30 Years of Gaming Dominance

• Underdog System Yields Highest ROI in Industry

• Over/Under System is Most Cutting Edge in Industry

• Over 30 Years of Gaming Dominance

• Underdog System Yields Highest ROI in Industry

• Over/Under System is Most Cutting Edge in Industry

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With my unique and extremely lucrative gaming system, I have become one of the most respected sports handicappers in the gaming industry.

My system isolates and simply put, just flat out dominates in two overlooked areas by handicappers and the betting public:


As son of a teacher and coach, I grew up in an environment surrounded by education and sports.

With my father serving in the military, I learned at a young age the importance of discipline and structure These are two very important components to my success.

I always followed sports differently than the average kid. I didn't really have favorite teams or players. I was more interested in predicting how I thought a specific game would play out. My friends would call me "Einstein" because of the way I would statistically track each and every game.

I began to develop an uncanny knack for accurately predicting the outcome of certain games.

As a Professional Sports Handicapper for over 30 years, I am always looking for ways to give my players that winning edge.

I have designed this cutting edge system that puts my clients on games they would not dream of playing on there own.

My system finds incredible value in these two areas and continues to be the number one source for daily gaming information.

While dealing with the betting public and other Sports Handicappers for many years, there was one alarming pattern that I continued to notice. It was the frequent use of favorites that would lose outright, and even worse, win the game, but not cover the spread. Let me get this straight, your team wins the game but you lose because they didn't cover the spread. Sound familiar? I view that as recklessly gambling on sports.

It was then I realized that he who plays favorites, picks their own pocket.

Then there was the night that changed my life. On the night of Feb. 11th, 1990, I was in Las Vegas for the Buster Douglas-Mike Tyson fight. Tyson was 37-0 at the time, but was going through many well-known personal problems. I figured what a great spot to bet against Tyson. I placed a bet on Buster Douglas as a 42-1 underdog to win the fight and he did. I thought to myself, what a great way to make money on sports.. Play the underdog that you expect to win outright and when they do, look at the odds you get in return. It was then I created my unique and very profitable system that targets one overlooked area in gaming, UNDERDOGS.

My system is based on a mathematical formula that breaks down games from every possible angle and then determines which underdogs have the best chance of winning outright. Logic tells us when playing a favorite there are 2 ways to lose and only one way to win. With my underdog system, my clients have the 2-1 winning edge in their favor. Each and every underdog I release is with the expectation of winning outright. Realistically, though, there are some underdogs that I believe have a stronger probability of winning outright. Therefore my plays are rated on 2 different levels.

1 - POINT SPREAD PLAY This is when the situation dictates that I err on the side of caution. These games are released with the expectation of winning outright, but released with the Point spread only. I view the Point spread as an insurance policy in case the dog doesn't win outright, we still do win.

2 - THE MONEYLINE PLAY My Underdog Moneyline plays are the most financially rewarding plays in the business. These are the underdogs that I absolutely expect to win the game outright. Therefore I know there is much more value in the Moneyline than the point spread. By winning the game outright on the Moneyline my clients are rewarded with huge odds in their favor, in some cases as much as 4-1.

* No matter the rating, each and every underdog is released with the expectation of winning outright

I have designed this state of the art Gaming System that accurately predicts the total amount of points or runs scored in a sporting event.

My system begins with the statistical breakdown of each and every Football, Basketball and Baseball game on the schedule. I break games down from every possible angle. I analyze factors such as: trends, position-matchups, injuries, weather, line movements, etc. I also consider factors that the average Sports Handicapper does not take into account. What I do is extremely time-consuming. Maintaining the system takes hours of research and years of experience.

The statistical breakdown of each and every game is only part of my Over-Under system. Then there is what I call The X-Factor. This is the final step in my system. This X-Factor is based on an area that even the sharpest Sports Handicappers in the country overlook. My statistical breakdown must matchup with this X-Factor in order for that Over-Under to be released to my players. NO MATCH, NO PLAY.

I have become a firm believer that great opportunity for success lies in Over-Unders. Need proof? Look no further than Las Vegas. Sportsbooks realize the huge edge to be had on Over-Unders. This is why there are restrictions on totals that DO NOT apply to sides of games.

"America's most advanced Sports Handicapping system."

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